Studiomaster Club XS 8



Studiomaster Club XS 8 input mixer with USB/SD Card Media player/recorder & bluetooth playback

Studiomaster CLUB XS 8

The CLUB XS 8 is the new compact portable mixing console from Studiomaster. The Studiomaster CLUB XS 8 offers many features such as 3 band EQ, built-in channel compression, DSP effects and a hugely versatile MP3/USB/SD card playback and recording system. The CLUB XS 8 is a 8 input mixer with 4 microphone channels and 2 stereo input channels. Each input channel features 3 band EQ, 2 Auxiliaries, balanced mic/line connectors, compressor control and a useful channel MUTE switch. The 2 stereo channels feature 2 band EQ, 2 Auxiliaries, balanced mic/line connectors and a channel mute switch.
Main outputs on the Studiomaster Club XS 8 are balanced XLR, with additional jack outputs available for the auxiliaries and control room, and RCA phono record/playback facilities.
The USB/SD card facility for stereo recording / playback make the CLUB XS 8 is ideal for home recording or giving the ability to supply interval / backing music to your live performance. To add further practicality to the CLUB XS 8, there is a built in MP3 player and Bluetooth playback facility to give you every opportunity to make your live performance as quick and easy to set-up as possible.
Also included on the Studiomaster CLUB XS 8 model is a high quality 16 programme DSP effects unit.
In addition to this, the Studiomaster CLUB XS 8 features a +48V phantom power on all mic channels, high quality 60mm smooth faders, and a robust quiet internal switchmode power supply.

Product Features


  • 8 and 10 input models
  • 3 Band EQ on all mic channels
  • High pass filters and adjustable compression on all mic channels
  • USB/SD card recording / playback
  • Bluetooth ™ playback facility
  • High quality DSP effects
  • Mic channels feature adjustable compressor facility